Totem Tree

We have several giant Ponderosa Pines on our property along with LOTS of Gambel Oak or sometimes known as Scrub Oak. Gambel Oak grows more bushy and low and loves to grow under the Ponderosas. The Ghost Cat dragged its kill under a Gambel Oak at the foot of one of our largest trees which I call our “totem tree.” The Forest Service guys who were here this summer told me it is easily over 100 years old. Just amazing to think of these majestic beings right outside my door – and windows!

So I have added the Totem Tree to the Ghost Cat on my kimono robe. It doesn’t look as majestic here but, hopefully, the idea is there. I will be adding more to the image – this is one of those very long projects. Maybe a decade. Who knows. Here are some details:

The stitches do not show up as well over the blue/white print fabric Рsomething to consider in the future. The trunk is rough edge appliqu̩ fabric and the rest embroidery stitches. Just two really Рstem stitch on the trunk and branches and feather stitch for the pine needles. Amazing Рtwo little stitches to stitch a Ponderosa Pine tree!